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Custom Styling

Something a Little More Personalized

One of our favorite aspects of children’s fashion is putting together photoshoots and letting the little ones play dress up. But sometimes, even the most stylish mamas need some expert help in dolling up their little ones. Our owner and creative designer, Vanessa Rodriguez has tons of experience with customizing baby’s outfits for photoshoots, even for people like MLB star, Patrick Sharp. Photoshoots with children can be hectic, so having a person on hand that knows what she’s doing is essential. But Vanessa’s advice is not exclusive to photoshoots- she can help make a birth announcement, 1st birthday, or wedding beautiful. A session with Vanessa would include hands-on styling, creative direction, and unparalleled insight on the children’s clothing world. She also offers the unique service of custom-made orders. So, if you have a vision of the perfect piece and can’t find it anywhere, she can help realize your vision. She also provides all the props necessary to bring a project to life. With Vanessa in your arsenal, you have all the tools you need to fulfill your dreams for any project!



½ Hour Consultation: $50-75

Custom p&b garments: 2-3 weeks average, more intricate pieces (Example: baptism gowns) – up to 2-3 months.

Contact us for exact pricing details.

We have many items available for custom orders. And the owner is available for custom styling sessions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email!

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