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The Itty Bitty Project

The gift of life is magical and miraculous,

and BabyDolls Boutique is honored to be a part of the lives of the babies who wear our signature pink & blue are the new black. collection pieces. In celebration of beautiful babies everywhere, BabyDolls Boutique is proud to support “the itty bitty project,” an initiative that supports the production of clothing items with the critical purpose of helping the tiniest of babes -preemies and micropreemies – to maintain their body temperature.


Out of the 4 million babies born in 2010, 478,790 of them were born prematurely.  Although neo-natal medicine has made and will continue to make significant advances in increasing these babies’ survivability, the process can be grueling and tedious. Infants born prematurely face a multitude of developmental obstacles.  They lack the ability to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide, and have trouble digesting food and coordinating their berating with feeding.  Since there are only a handful of

hospitals that are fully equipped to handle these cases, families often have a long commute to see their child.  Even then, there is so little that the parents can do to help their child, that families often feel helpless.  These babies and their families are at their most vulnerable, and the itty bitty project strives to make their lives a little bit easier.


Every year, the itty bitty project works with the 5 top-ranking Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) in the United States to meet the needs of their preemie and micro preemie patients. The work of the itty bitty project is funded by a portion of proceeds from pink & blue are the new black. sales.


Currently, the itty bitty project is funding the production of handmade hats in custom sizes for preemies and micro preemies being cared for by our NICU partners. Each NICU is supplied with enough hats to meet their annual patient total and the hats are specially wrapped according to NICU standards. Still, each hat package has the customary BabyDolls gift wrap – a special gift from us to some very special babies.


Help the Itty Bitty Project by shopping pink and blue are the new black, and also shop our Itty Bitty collection as well!

Have a special Itty Bitty story of your own to share?

Tell us your wonderful story through our contact page and we may feature it on our website and social media!

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Our list of hospital partners:


1. Boston Children’s Hospital

-Boston, MA.


2. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

-Philadelphia, PA.


3. Children’s National Medical Center

-Washington, D.C.


4.Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital

-Cleveland, OH.


5.Seattle Children’s Hospital

-Seattle, WA.


6.Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital-Prentice Women’s Hospital

-Chicago, IL.


7. Northwestern Prentice Hospital

-Chicago, IL.

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