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Fashion isn’t just for adults,

but BabyDolls owner, Vanessa Rodriguez, never wanted the clothes she sold for children to be just about fashion.


She wants her customers to walk away with unique pieces that celebrate individuality, therefore teaching every child that differences are good and should be celebrated. Vanessa looked to stock her store with these types of clothing pieces, but she realized there was something missing in the  normal selections available – exclusive, unique clothing pieces for children that  were as good for a special occasion as  they were for the playground.


So, she set to work designing and tailoring and, before long, an entire collection was born. The collection – pink & blue are the new black. – strives to overcome the world of mundane children’s clothing and sets its wearers apart from the other children on the playground.

“Fashion is not just for adults. The way you respect yourself and others is embedded in what you portray. I think when kids feel good in what they’re wearing it enhances their inner confidence. When they feel good in it, they have a little sense of swagger.” – Vanessa Rodriguez

Pink & blue pieces are made of the highest quality, designer fabrics and last a lifetime (or at least a childhood). Each piece is custom designed, handmade, and generously sized for each child. The quality is so fine, you can count on easily passing them down to younger siblings or friends. Each piece is multi-purpose – such as: reversible dresses and dresses/tops to be worn alone or with tights, leggings or shorts – and, best of all, they are comfortable! Once a fabric and design is sold-out, it is never repeated; so, get yours today!

“My mom says I always had a sense of style - even the way I would walk - she says she always knew I looked at beauty in a different way.`` -Vanessa Rodriguez, Founder & President pink & blue are the new black.

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